How To Find The Problems Of Solar Lights? How To Repair The Solar Lights?

Nowadays solar lights are more and more widely used, and this will require people have some basic understanding of how to check or repair the solar lights when they are not working.
This article will basically teach you how to rule out the problem of the solar lights and why it will happen?
The solar lights have 4 key parts, led light source, solar panel, lithium battery and controllers. And the problems mostly come from these parts.

1.The problem of battery
   Why it will happen?
   The battery has an estimated charging currency, and if the solar panel is too big, which will cause the charging currency too big and damage the BMS board.

How to repair the solar lights-- the battery?
   Because BMS board is packed inside the battery, so in this case, we suggest to replace the whole battery.

2.The problem of solar panel
   Why it will happen?
   The solar panel is broken or damaged by any heavy or sharp stuff.

How to repair the solar lights-solar panel?
   You will have now ways but to replace the whole solar panel. When you buy the solar panels, better to pay attention to the wattage and the voltage of solar panel to ensure the whole system will match.

3.The problem of Led light Source
   Why it will happen?
   Maybe the sudden big current burns the led chips, this could be one reason.
   The other reason can be the original problem of the led boards, the chips are not welded well during the production.

How to repair the solar lights- led light source?
   If the led board is replaceable we can replace the led boards directly.
   If the led boards can not be replaced, we will have to replace the whole lighting fixture.

4.The problem of Solar Controllers
   Why it will happen?
   To be honest, for the whole solar lighting system, the most problems come from the solar controller. As electronic components, the controller is more easy to get damaged by sudden big current, or the aging problem of the components.

How to repair the solar lights- solar controllers?
   Solar controllers can not be repaicontroller and replace it.
   So the only way is to get a new solar controller.

5.The problem of Some Other Reasons
Why it will happen?
There are always some unexpected stuff which will cause the problems.
For example , the solar panel is not installed in correct direction, so the sunshine is not enough.
Also maybe there are shadows above the solar panel.
Maybe there are too many constant rainy days.

How to repair the solar lights- all these other reasons?
We’d better observe what is the real situation and and to see the controller status, the indicate lights of the controllers will tell the reasons, and then solve the problems accordingly.
There are the mainly about how to repair the solar lights, if there is anything unclear, feel free to email us.

Post time: Aug-18-2021