What is the difference between solar landscape lights and solar garden lights?

Solar landscape lights and solar garden lights are more common lamps and lanterns in the city, they belong to the same outdoor solar lighting, both have the effect of beautifying the night environment. So, what is the difference between solar garden lights and solar landscape lights?
1. Use: Solar landscape lights have a landscape role, with a high ornamental, mainly for urban roads, community roads, industrial parks, parks, green belts, squares, pedestrian streets, courtyards and other places of night lighting and landscape lighting, solar garden lights pay more attention to functionality, more applications in the courtyard, urban roads, commercial and residential communities, parks, tourist attractions, squares and other places of lighting and decoration.
2. Appearance: In addition, solar landscape lights have a variety of styles, unique shapes, light colors to choose from, while solar garden lights pay more attention to the appearance of neat lamps and lanterns and night lighting effects.
3. Process difficulty: solar landscape lights are more ornamental, naturally their design and process is more complex, while the garden lights are more focused on functionality, so the design and production process to be relatively simple.
4. The light source of garden lights is very healthy, does not contain harmful light, will not appear radiation. And the light source color is very mild, conducive to creating a warm environment. And whether it is the artistic design, or materials are better than ordinary street lights a chip. Garden lights are installed outdoors, so there will often be thunderstorms, and garden lights are a relatively high lightning protection factor of a lamp. Its semiconductor core filament is not afraid of vibration, and its service life will be very long.
In general, solar landscape lights and solar garden difference is not much, and now this difference is even smaller.

Post time: Apr-06-2022