What Is The Development of Solar Pathway& Garden Light?

With the civilization and progress of mankind, in the 1970s, people found that the wall-mounted installation of street lamps not only took up space and resources, but also made people feel depressed and had potential safety hazards. That’s basically when the solar pathway lights and garden lights occurred because people wanted simple installation and smaller installation place.



Up to 1990s, yard lights were widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors and other public places, sometimes it also can be used as the replacement of road lighting. By improving the safety, people is more willing to go outside at night and it also improves the safety of life and property. It can enhance people’s emotional feelings  and change people’s perceptions. In the daytime, courtyard lights can embellish the city scenery, while at night, courtyard lights can provide necessary lighting and life convenience, increase the security of residential areas, and highlight the city centers. With all these development, the pathway lights have been a necessary part of people’s life and has developed into a mature industrial chain.



Solar garden lights, this kind of energy-saving lighting has been rapidly promoted in developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, etc. In the past ten years, while solar garden lights are not popular in China, and the development is slow.



At the beginning, the application of solar lighting has gone in the wrong direction. The first use is not for garden use for residential areas, but for the main roads built by government. Road lighting needs to work 365 days a year, and that is a lot of energy is required. But solar power is affected by the season and climate, such as in the rainy days and winter, the solar panel can not get the fully charged. In some cases the working time of solar lighting will be shortened.


This gives people an impression: solar lighting, including solar garden lights, cannot meet the lighting needs. In fact, solar garden lights are mainly used in private gardens or park paths. The use time is the same as the time when the solar garden lights can receive sunlight. People rarely go to the garden on rainy days and naturally do not need solar gardens.


Post time: Apr-08-2021