Top 4 Benefits Of Wind Solar Hybrid Street Lights

As a brand new type solar street light that integrates wind and light energy, solar and wind powered street lights convert wind and light energy into electricity to realize the full utilization of resources and achieve energy saving and emission reduction to enhance the utilization rate. Therefore, wind solar hybrid street lights have been widely used in large and small cities due to excellent cost-performance advantage. Amber Lighting here offers major four benefits of wind solar hybrid street lights to help you get a better understanding.

1. Cost-effective
Ordinary street lights can only be powered by underground cables at high costs, and if they are more than 3 km away from the power source, an additional cost should also be borne. What’s worse, the ordinary street lights need to be equipped with voltage boosting system, which invariably increases the cost of street lights.
Wind solar hybrid street lights obtain durable electricity and and absorb energy conversion for a long time using the mode of wind energy + light energy, and require no transmission lines, no cables, and even no dedicated control and management. As a result, wind solar hybrid street lights have more durable service life and more obvious economic benefits than traditional street lights.

2. Complementary resources
The proper application of resources is perfectly reflected in the wind solar hybrid street light for solar energy and wind energy are complementary in time and territory. When there is no sun in rainy weather, the street light can continue to maintain the necessary power supply by converting wind energy into electricity; and in windless weather, the street light can obtain sufficient light energy through sunshine.

3. Strong safety
The grid is not yet available in remote areas, and the traditional wire installation costs much, which is easy to cause unexpected accidents or man-made electricity theft. Wind solar hybrid street lights are extremely safe for they can send out low-voltage DC power for battery charging. In addition, each street light is independent and does not need to be connected to a cable, so even if theft occurs, the normal operation of other street lights will not be affected.

4. Low-carbon and environmentally-friendly
Wind solar hybrid street lights reduce resource consumption through natural energy storage power supply, while reducing pollutant emissions and achieving low-carbon environmental protection.

Post time: Aug-19-2022