Tips For Maintenance Of Your Solar Garden Lights

Essential maintenance procedures

1. Strengthen the training of maintenance workers

On one hand, solar powered garden lights are closely related to the lives of citizens. It is necessary to raise maintenance workers’ awareness of solar garden lights maintenance through education. On the other hand, with scientific and technological advancements of solar garden lights and the widespread use of new technologies, maintenance workers should update their professional knowledge to meet the needs of the work.

2. Accelerate the renewal of maintenance equipment

As cities expand and solar garden lights and service areas increase, the workload of maintenance workers increases significantly. Without increasing the number of maintenance workers, maintenance equipment should be continuously improved and updated to increase efficiency.

3. Implement maintenance target responsibility system

The maintenance responsibility system should be carried out at all levels on the basis of the delineation of solar garden lights management area. Regular inspection and maintenance should be conducted.

4. Enhance enforcement and investigation

On one hand, accelerate the development of regulatory documents concerning solar powered garden lights management, creating conditions for management according to law; on the other hand, strengthen the enforcement of solar garden lights through cooperating with the city management department, and seriously investigate and deal with any acts that cause damage to solar garden lights, so as to ensure the normal operation of solar garden lights.

Maintenance tips of solar garden lights

1. Do not hang items on the solar garden light, for example, airing the quilt on the light.

2. Frequent turning on and off will greatly reduce its service life, so try to minimize the times of turning on and off when using the lights.

3. If the lampshade is found to be tilted during use or cleaning, it should be easily corrected to maintain the beauty.

4. Replace the aging lamp tube in a timely manner according to the light source parameters provided by the sign. If the ends of the lamp tube are found to be red, black or dark, the lamp tube should be replaced in time to prevent ballast burnout.

How to clean solar garden lights

1. Most of solar garden lights are dusty, so solar garden light manufacturers suggest regularly clean them. Clean with a wet rag in a consistent direction, instead of wiping back and forth.

2. The inside of the solar garden light should also be cleanedFirst turn off the light before cleaning the bulb. When wiping, you can remove the bulb and wipe it separately. If cleaning the light directly, do not rotate the bulb clockwise lest the head comes off when screwed too tightly.

Post time: Jun-28-2022