Performance of solar garden light

Solar garden lights mainly rely on solar panels to generate electricity, through the solar controller to store electricity in the battery, no artificial control, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter can be automatically based on the level of light, automatically turn on and off, all charging, discharging, open and closed completely complete intelligent and automatic control. Solar panels in good light conditions photoelectric conversion rate of 16%, the use of life up to 30 years; solar street light controller using light control + time control, waterproof, cold integration design, greatly reducing the failure rate; light source using solar garden lights special LED light source, high luminous efficiency, the appearance of galvanized plastic spraying, anti-corrosion disposal, no rust, aging resistance, surface clean, wind resistance greater than 9 levels.
The garden light is a decorative product. The design style is simple and fashionable, or classical and romantic, or noble and rich, or exquisite and elegant. The structure is simple and generous. It can show the classical architectural and cultural qualities, but also can show the popular and fashionable city style in many ways. Both modern and classical architectural environments have their own reasons for suitability. Classical but not antique, heavy but not lack of vitality, fashionable but not floating, floating but not losing stability atmosphere, very ornamental and use value.
Courtyard light series lighting is a decorative and lighting light source configuration form commonly used in garden scenic areas, cultural and recreational plazas, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, residential communities, both sides of the road, is a decorative lighting products. The pole body material is diversified, the light source is flexible and variable, and the structure form is varied, which is the organic combination of beautification, lighting and greening, and the perfect crystallization of light and shadow, light and art.

Post time: Apr-01-2022