How to test the overall quality of solar street lights

With the widespread use of new energy solar street lights, how to buy relatively high quality solar street lights becomes critical, many unscrupulous businessmen only care about the interests regardless of the quality of the product, which will greatly damage the image of this work in the eyes of the public, now I will teach us how to choose high-quality solar street lights.
Changzhou Amber Lighting Co. is a responsible solar street light manufacturers of course have the responsibility to teach us to distinguish the quality of solar street lights, first of all, we must first understand the solar street light head is also known as the LED head, the thinness and thickness of its shell is an important element affecting the quality of solar street lights, and then the structure of the inside of the aluminum substrate, aluminum plate and constant current source structure, compared to the size and thickness of the aluminum plate can be The quality of the lamp head can be determined at all, and then the battery to see if the battery is a special battery storage, now there are many small companies with the most energy storage battery to start the power, which greatly damages the life of the solar street lamp, in is to see whether the solar street lamp pole is hot-dip galvanized spraying and cold galvanized spraying the difference between the two is in the plug, hot-dip galvanized in the plug still has a plating layer, cold galvanized in the plug no plating. The half of the set of light head is 60, and the wall thickness is about 2.8. The lower end is related to the height and has a cone ratio, and the wall thickness is around 4, right? Hot-dip galvanized poles generally have a life span of more than 20 years, while cold-dip galvanized poles generally have a life span of about 1 year, as long as we can grasp the above points fundamentally in the selection of solar street lights will not be fooled.
There are more varieties of street lights sold in the market, the price is also very different, and the quality varies. But on the consumer, when making a purchase, how to choose it? Because there are many unscrupulous elements, will use some poor quality materials, processing production, so that the production of street lights manufactured no guarantee of quality. So when you buy solar street lights, it is very important to distinguish between good and bad situations.
Solar street light quality testing methods:
First of all, it should be to understand the components, the detailed variety of components to be relatively more. There are mainly battery panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, light sources and other corresponding components. Therefore, in the selection of solar cells, should also be the photoelectric plate material, color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage, conversion efficiency and other factors to consider. And in the choice of the battery, should be to understand the detailed type, discharge rate, working environment, etc.. Of course, in the selection of the controller, should also be to understand the waterproof function.
Second, of course, in the selection of the time, should also be to understand the details of the matching situation. Many manufacturers, the products produced in the lighting, the corresponding stability, is not so strong, the main reason is to match the existence of the corresponding problems. Matching function, is one of the very important goals, so the corresponding matching function to understand, it is very important.
Together with the distinction between good and bad solar street lights, should also have to understand the detailed environment. Because of different climates, in the selection of the time, the corresponding material requirements, naturally will be different. For example: in the relatively low temperature of the local, you need a special customized led light head ....

Post time: Sep-10-2021