How To Guard Against Theft Of Components of Solar Street Lamps

In response to the national policy, energy saving and emission reduction, and the use of renewable energy, solar powered street lamps have been chosen by many brightening project engineers as the main construction products. Unlike the ordinary road street light, solar street lights have detailed structure and expensive battery and circuit boards, so solar street lights tend to be stolen. Therefore, it’s extremely important to guard against theft of solar street light components. Next Amber Lighting will explore several ways to prevent theft of your solar street lights.

Battery matters

First clean soil and other dirt from the concrete tank where the battery compartment is located in the solar street light road base, so as to keep drainage pipe hole free from dirt.
Then observe and check the battery compartment for damage, and test whether the voltage of car battery is normal. Any battery found abnormal is deemed as non-conformity, and it’s strictly prohibited to install such kind of battery.
Use insulating tape to wrap both sides of the sheathing line, dismantle the battery compartment and lift into the roadbed in advance, then put two double stainless steel wire type hoops on the jointed plastic hose, cross the battery line over the prefabricated components of the cage tube, evenly coat the prefabricated components of the tube with a layer of 7091 sealing silicone rubber, insert the other end of the jointed plastic hose into the root of the prefabricated components of the tube. Tighten the foundation bolt on the double stainless steel wire type hoops with a slotted screwdriver, and finally fix the battery line.

Installation of solar power generation components

Surrounding the main road, battery underground box is vulnerable to theft. According to the data from solar street light manufacturers, similar vicious events occur frequently, and many solar power batteries are stolen. Given this situation, you should pay attention to anti-theft.
The best way to prevent theft is to install solar street light embedded parts in the sealed commercial land. With the upper end of the wire pipe exposed 300mm above the road, level the pouring surface, and avoid skewed lighting fixtures.
Store the precious maintenance-free colloidal battery in the underground box, and then put into the the breeding pool with a distance of one meter from the road. By doing so, the battery will not be vulnerable to hazards generated from the surrounding environment because of storage in the shell.

Solar panels

Solar panels are also critical components of solar powered street lamps. Although the battery can be buried by the application side to the ground to ensure its safety factor, the solar panels presented externally has high risks of being stolen. Professional manufacturers will add some independent alarm equipment to ensure that solar panels are not prone to theft, so that you can check the situation when the early warning systems starts once the solar panels are illegally disassembled.

Post time: Jul-13-2022