How to choose a solar street light manufacturer?

In recent years, the improvement and development of new energy technology has made the solar street light market become larger. Solar street lights mainly use the sun's natural light, converted into electricity, saving power resources. Also eliminates the traditional form of wire circuit power supply, avoiding the aging of the circuit, street lamp material and construction quality is not qualified and circuit failure affects safety, the use of safer.
At present, the domestic solar energy technology has been developed quite mature, solar street lights in the battery can meet at least ten years of demand, reducing the maintenance costs after the installation of street lights. On the other hand, the use of solar energy as an energy source, in line with China's environmental development, the development of energy regeneration concept.
Therefore, the application of solar street lights more widely, and with the solar street light procurement needs are increasing, so in the procurement of solar street lights, how to select a good solar street light manufacturers? Here's what points to pay attention to when choosing a manufacturer in order to buy cost-effective, good quality road and other products!
Direct manufacturers
There are many companies on the market belong to distributors, and do not have their own manufacturers, and manufacturers to earn the middleman price difference, like this company product prices are higher than the direct manufacturers, so buy the products are not cost-effective.
Look at the case of street light manufacturers
Like street lights such physical products, general customers are some big projects, you can see the company's cooperation with customers there are no big projects, as well as municipal projects, can cooperate with the government, product quality is generally guaranteed, and follow-up maintenance is better.

Look at the detailed configuration of the street light
When choosing to purchase street lights, be sure to look at the detailed parameters configuration, such as the power of the lamps and lanterns, the size of the battery panel, battery capacity, etc. The larger the market, the easier it is to chaos, some manufacturers will be false label capacity, to learn how to distinguish.
Look at the warranty time
The longer the warranty time, the better the quality of this product, the corresponding price will be higher.
In a nutshell, you can't just blindly pursue cheap prices when purchasing, nor is the quality of high prices necessarily good, according to their own needs, to find the most suitable for them, the most cost-effective manufacturers is the best.
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Post time: Aug-12-2021