How many insects can the agricultural insecticidal lamp kill in a day?

The agricultural insecticidal lamp is a plant protection tool designed and developed according to the phototaxis of pests. It has the advantages of environmental protection and pollution-free in eliminating pests. In terms of overall cost, agricultural insecticidal lamps are also much less than pesticides. More importantly, the effect of agricultural insecticidal lamps is very good. How many insects can the agricultural insecticidal lamp kill in a day?


The daily insecticidal amount of agricultural insecticidal lamps is really difficult to measure, especially the comparison in different regions and different use environments. Because the environmental insect density, type, and working time of insecticidal lamps required to calculate the amount of insecticide are uncontrollable and difficult to quantify.

However, we can perform simple quantification by cleaning the bug box. Clean up the insect collecting box every other day, and measure the cleaned pests each time, so that you can get how many catties of insects the agricultural insecticidal lamp can kill in a day. Of course, for the sake of accuracy, it is possible to record continuously or irregularly for a period of time and calculate the average number.

A user sent us a video before, recording the weight of the pests cleaned out of the insect collection box. According to customer feedback, the daily amount of insecticide is about 4.5KGS.


All in all, the solar insecticidal lamp is an advanced agricultural plant protection and killing tool, which can deal with agricultural pests in an environmentally friendly, efficient, safe and low-cost manner, and is worthy of being equipped in various agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery sites.

Post time: Dec-01-2022