Advantages of solar street lights

Advantages of solar street lights
The use of solar power for illuminating streets is getting popular day by day. Why can solar street lights grow rapidly? What are the advantages compared with ordinary street lights?
Powered by solar panels, solar street lights are raised light sources at night and can be installed anywhere with sufficient sunlight. Being environmentally friendly, it never pollutes the environment. Battery components are integrated in the pole itself, ensuring strong wind resistance. Smart charging and discharging and microcomputer light-and-time-control technologies are adopted. Designed with high-efficiency lighting source, solar street lights are characterized by high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable operation, without cable installed, consumption of no conventional energy, and long service life of at least 50,000 hours.

Benefits of the use of solar power
1. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible. The solar energy received by the Earth can meet 10,000 times the global energy demand. We could satisfy global electricity demands by installing solar photovoltaic systems in 4% of the world’s deserts. Solar power is safe and reliable because it’s not vulnerable to energy crises or fuel market instability.
2. Solar energy is available practically everywhere, so we do not need to transmit it over long distances, avoiding the loss of long-distance transmission lines.
3. Solar energy has low operating costs because it uses no fuel.
4. No movable parts are contained in solar power generation, which minimizes damage and realizes simple maintenance, especially suitable for unattended operation.
5. As a kind of ideal clean energy, solar power generation does not produce waste, air pollution, noise or any other public hazards, and does not adversely impact the environment.
The earth’s resources are getting fewer and fewer, thus gradually adding basic energy investment costs. To address ubiquitous safety and pollution risks, we are attaching great importance to solar energy, a new energy that is safe and environmental. Meanwhile, the development and advancement of solar photovoltaic technology leads to the steady maturing of solar power in street lighting.

Features of solar street lights
1. Energy-saving: Photovoltaic solar energy is obtained by converting sunlight into electricity and is inexhaustible.
2. Environmental protection: It produces no pollution, no noise, no radiation.
3. Safety: Electric shock, fire and other accidents never occur.
4. Convenient: It can be installed in a simple manner, which requires no lines erected or digging for construction. People will no longer worry about power outages or power restrictions.
5. Long service life: With high technology content, it is equipped with international brand control system that is designed intelligently and has reliable quality.

Post time: Apr-28-2022