4 Types of the Best Selling Solar Lights in 2021

4 Types of the Best Selling Solar Lights in 2021

You may know solar lights are very popular now, but do you know how many types of the best selling solar lights there are? Here is a complete guide.
Nowadays, clean energy is playing an important role in the word, because we are focusing on the environmental protection more, and this is exactly why the solar lights are becoming more and more widely used.

What is a solar light? What is the difference between solar lights and regular lights?

Solar lights are are mainly consisted of 4 parts, led lighting part, solar panel, controller and the battery.

How does the solar light work, what is the operating principle?

During the daytime, the solar can feel the sunshine, and will get charging automatically. When the solar panel is producing the electricity, it will go through the controller, and the controller will help battery to store the electricity.
At night, when the solar panel can not feel the sunshine, it will inform the controller, and the controller will ask the solar led to work, and command the battery to discharging to the solar lights to make it work.

How many types of best selling solar lights?

1.Solar streetlight
When the city is building a new road, more government is requesting for solar streetlights. Although solar lights are higher cost compared to the regular ones, but in the long term, it can help save a lot of electricity.
Also with the high lumen chips are designed, the solar streetlights can have very high lumen even with lower wattage, which can maintain the cost of the solar lights and at the same time, meet the lux requirement of each road.

Among all the solar streetlights, the all in two solar streetlights are the mostly widely used. They are easily installed and can adjust the angle of solar panel to get the best sunshine.

2.Solar garden lights
These lights are regularly used in gardens, parks or residential areas.
The solar garden lights regularly are not big wattage compared to solar lights, only 10 to 20W, but they are used in places requesting very low lux and only need to create the atmosphere.
The solar garden lights are placed with poles of 3 meters high, and it is free wiring, so it can be added at any time and any places.

3.Solar bollard lights
These kind of solar lights are used for parks,gardens and residential areas also. But unlike the solar garden lights, it is only 1 meter or less than 1 meter high. It will be used to light up the grass or the pathway, and in the places where only allow lower light source.

And now, our company Amber Lighting have also designed the RGBW type solar bollards, which means with one controller, you can change the color of all solar lights.

4.Solar flood lights
Solar floodlights, we also call it solar security lights. These solar lights are widely used in family use when you want to bring it for camping or working at nights. You only need to put the solar lights in the day to get charged and at night, turn on the light by hand, it will work.

We also design the light with UBS charging function, which can help you charge your phone when the electricity is powered off suddenly or you are outside for camping.

These are basically the 4 types of best selling solar lights for the moment, but our company Amber Lighting is focus one the advance solar technology and devote to design more solar lights with higher efficiency and more complete functions.

Post time: Jun-10-2021