4 Tips To Install Solar Street Light Battery Panels

Solar powered street lamps mainly receive sunlight, achieve the photoelectric conversion, and successfully make the light source light up through the battery panel. The solar street light may not achieve the desired lighting effect if the battery panel fails to be installed properly. To install the battery panel properly, the components should not be loose, no blocking objects should exist above the battery panel, and the installation angle and safety devices should also be paid enough attention to. Amber Lighting here offers you four important tips to install solar street light battery panel, hoping they are helpful to you.

1. Choose the material of solar street light frame
Steel is often used as the material of solar street light frame. However, some of the steel performance is so poor that hot-dipped galvanization should be made to improve its corrosion resistance and further ensure the use effect. But in order to save costs, some solar street light manufacturers will treat with cold-dipped galvanization, which will make the coating very thin and corrosion resistance poor. Therefore, you should learn to identify.

If you are in coastal cities, where salt spray is heavy, you’d better choose stainless steel or heat-treated aluminum alloy, which has higher corrosion resistance and higher durability.

If you are in cities like Yichang, where the environment is more suitable, you can choose the frame of battery panel based on your actual needs.

In addition to choosing the material of frame, the frame should be welded or installed firmly with the foundation to ensure that the solar battery panel can have enough strength and stability to withstand weather like high winds or snow, for the location to install the solar battery panel should have no shade.

Post time: Aug-02-2022