Landscape Light-Pathway Light-A1105


  • Die-cast Brass
  • IP65 Water-proof
  • Lifetime warranty



Model:  A1105
Electrical:  G4 Bulbs 12V
  2W-5W available
  RGBW(WIFI controlled)
Wire Lead: 72″ spt-1w, 18 gauge
Stake: Brass stake  (included)

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Widely use of landscape lights

Why use Pathway lights for our yards- Nowadays, people are wanting their homes to be more welcomed by their friends and neighbour. In summer, people need to eliminate the treachery of the paths and stairs. And in winter, people need to shovel the snow from sidewalks. When it comes to the yard lighting, we don’t need to light up the house very bright, which may be risky for crime scene, but considered safety reasons, we still need some lighting for walking as guidance.

Lifetime Warranty---The pathway light is made of brass material with high anti-corrosion, which can be widely used over the seas or by the sea. It has a lifetime warranty.

IP RATE--The led path lights are IP54 rated, with led bulbs well protected by the top covers, which is very sufficient for the outdoor use.

Landscape Light-Pathway Light-A1105 (2)
Landscape Light-Pathway Light-A1105 (3)

Maintenance of path lights-- This light is in the use of led bulbs, which can be replaceable. The design is also making the replacement much easier. Clients only need to take off the caps, and put the led bulbs on.

G4 Bulbs--We have G4 bulbs for different choices now. Now G4 bulbs are all led, so 4W led bulbs can replace the 20W traditional led bulbs. It is 80lm/w with better lumen efficiency. We have color temperature from 3000k to 6000k, to meet different lighting standards. The CRI is also over 80, which is exceeding the international standard.
Besides the regular types, we also have smart RGBW led bulbs. It is color changeable, all the bulbs can be controlled by TUYA app. You can not only change the color, but also the brightness. For TUYA app, it can be downloaded from APP store.

Stakes-All the led pathway light is combined with a brass stake, our regular height of the stake is 18’’, but 20’’ and 22’’ are also available for your choices if you need.

Wires--We will make the lights with 24 in. 18AWG lead wire, for wires, you can make your requested length as well.
We also have wires for sales, it is in the list of our “Lighting accessories”


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