Smart Lighting for Landscape Lights?

With widely use of smart lighting system now, more and more people are using the this system, like streetlights, garden lights, bollard lights. Now even the landscape lights and some post lights are using this.

But many people are questioning are these solar lights good? Actually, solar lights are consisted of many components, and today we are talking about of the battery, which is very important for the solar lights.

Starting from recent years, it is obvious that the market for smart lighting products has gradually risen, and the volume of products has increased significantly. The rapid growth of the global LED market has gradually replaced incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other lighting sources, and the penetration rate has continued to increase rapidly. When traditional lighting starts to decline gradually after 2017, there are more and more intelligent products, the sales volume is increasing, and the market acceptance is getting higher and higher.

For example, radar sensors, in addition to the traditional switch problem, may solve the situation of people coming to turn on lights and people walking to turn off lights. In the future, they may need to cooperate with smart modules and smart lamps, or even link with products in smart homes. Sensors can make intelligent products more humane, which contains more application data that can be extracted. For example, how many people are there in the application scenario, what kind of state do they exist, whether they are resting, or working, and so on. Intelligent products are more that the Internet connects devices to control them. Only with sensors will the products become more intelligent and more user-friendly.

It may take several years for intelligence to reach its peak, especially the current network quality, WiF protocol, and Bluetooth are constantly being upgraded, which will make products more and more perfect, and market acceptance will gradually increase. The lighting system of the future must be intelligent, and the home market and the commercial market may have different characteristics and attributes. According to the development of this smart lighting market, it is estimated that in the next few years, you will be able to experience very smart lighting products.


Post time: Jan-14-2021