Future Trend of Smart Lighting

In the construction of smart city, we not only need to achieve the goal of sharing, intension and co-ordination, but also need to improve the efficiency and make the city green energy. The city lighting system consumes a lot of electricity every year, and the smart lighting can contribute a lot during the energy saving. Thus, what is the smart lighting system? And what is the meaning of the smart lighting?

What is smart lighting system?

Smart lighting system is to collect data, environment and other factors through various sensors, do the analysis for the equipment, and provide the application of intelligence and information.

The meaning of smart lighting


1. Energy Saving

By using different presetting of control methods and elements, smart lighting system will make precise settings and reasonable management for different time zones and different lux requests in different environment, which will achieve the energy saving. This kind of automatically lux adjusted method can make full use of the natural light. By lighting up the lights to a certain brightness, clients can meet the lux level by using least energy. Regularly it is a 30% saving.

2. Extend the lifetime of light source

No matter for the thermal radiation source or gas or the electrical light source, the voltage fluctuations in grid is the main reason of light source damage. The smart lighting control system can be used in the mixed circuits, which can stabilize the led working under different severe network and complicated loading, which also can extend the led lifetime and reduce the maintenance cost.

3. Improve the environment and the efficiency

By choosing proper light source, fixtures and lighting control system, the lighting quality can be improved. Smart lighting system will use dimming control panels to replace traditional lighting switches, which can effectively control the lux in the certain area and enhance the lux uniformity.

4. Various lighting effects

By using different lighting control methods, the same buildings can have different art effects. In modern building systems, lighting is not only to provide light, but also provides different control plans which makes building more vivid and artistic.


The use of smart lighting system can save a lot of money, reduce the work of maintenance people, decrease the cost of the whole system, but will improve the management efficiency.

Post time: Jan-14-2021